NASA Apollo Replica A7L Hi Fidelity Museum Quality Space Suit

Museum Quality Replica Apollo A7L Space Suit.

The A7L was the space suit used on the historic Apollo 11 moon landing mission as well as on Apollo 12 and 13

The suit is highly detailed and modeled to look like the actual Apollo space suit that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Sea of Tranquility in July, 1969.

Suit and hose fittings are anodized aluminum. Hose fittings are secured to the suit fittings with rubber O-rings.

Suit side wrist rings are hard cast resin.

Suit neck ring is hard cast resin with a static latch assembly.

The helmet has a functional cap assembly and retractable sun side shades.

Helmet comes with one reflective gold visor. A second clear visor can be added. (see accessories)

We can custom make any size and any mission as well as adding red commander stripes. 

This suit can be worn or displayed on a mannequin.

Custom Fabrication time is approximately 3 months from the time of purchase, as these suits are custom made to order for you size and specifications.

Choose any mission patch or customize your own patches.

International ship cost vary according to location.

We can also fabricate this suit using real Beta Cloth which is the exact fabric that the actual Apollo suits were made. Price for Beta cloth upgrade is $4900.00. Please email us for details.

Fabrication time is approximately three months after purchase.


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