Meet Cole Sommers

I guess you could say that I like a lot of different things.

Although I always had a love for aviation and space exploration as far back as I remember, it has not been my only priority. 

I played multiple sports as a kid and still workout (weights and cycling) 5-6 days/week and play singles tennis 2-3 times/week.

I participated in triathlons through my twenties and thirties, have run marathons and have run in ultra-endurance 100-mile trail run events.  

Music is also a  passion. I love The Beatles and decided in high school that I wanted to be able to play musical instruments. So, I taught myself piano, guitar and bass. Soon I was playing Paul McCartney in a Beatles tribute band. This led to writing my own songs, starting a band with musician friends of mine, writing our own songs and performing in NYC.  

Aviation was never far from my soul so when I began working full time and had a steady income, I took flying lessons and got my pilot's license.

After a few years of straight and level flying I decided that I wanted to learn aerobatic flying.

A retired Navy fighter pilot took me up, spun me this way and that, and I was hooked. So, I bought a Russian aerobatic military training plane, a YAK-52, and flew it 3-4 times a week. The best roller coaster ride in the world times 10 is how I describe an hour of loops, rolls, spins and inverted flying.  

My love for aviation and space, as well as my professional background and interest in the study of consciousness and physics led me to a chance meeting with Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell in 1997.  Edgar and I became fast friends, did some work together, and remained friends until his death in February 2016.

I often (too often some might argue) ponder the enormity and complexity of the universe.  How did it all begin? How big is it? Are we alone in the universe? What makes us conscious and self-aware?  

These questions and concepts, as well as my desire to see a manned mission to Mars, inspired me to write a screenplay titled, The Flight of Columbus. I have since teamed up with a friend of mine, Rodney Ferrer an accomplished actor, director and screenwriter, to collaborate on this.

I believe that the arts and sciences are interconnected and should be encouraged at an early age. Music, dance, literature, mathematics, physics feed the mind and balance the soul. I also believe that people should never be afraid to try something new for fear of failure. Life is full of wondrous experiences. Be open to introspection, exploration and adventure and you won’t be disappointed. You never know what is around the next corner…