Deke Slayton flown to the surface Apollo 11 flag and flown Apollo/Soyuz State flag

This presentation piece was given to original Mercury 7 astronaut and head of the astronaut office Deke Slayton. The U.S. flag was flown down  to the lunar surface on Apollo 11. The state flag was flown with Deke on his Apollo/Soyuz flight. Down to the lunar surface items on Apollo 11 are very RARE. Add to this the flown flag on the joint U.S. and USSR mission as well as the significance that this piece was gifted to Deke by NASA in appreciation for his contributions to the manned space program. 

I purchased this piece from the estate of Deke Slayton at the 2005 Aurora Space Auction.  It went unnoticed since it was listed in the Russian section of the auction. This is a rare gem.