NASA Apollo Deluxe Replica A7LB Space Suit With Anodized Aluminum Suit Fittings And Gold Reflective Visor

Our NASA Apollo Deluxe Replica A7L-B Space Suit is perfect to display or to wear. The A7L-B suit was used on Missions Apollo 15 - Apollo 17.

-Includes: Space suit, PLSS/OPS (back pack), RCU (chest pack), gloves, boots, and helmet with fully retractable translucent see through gold reflective visor.

A clear visor can be substituted for the gold reflective visor.

-The major difference between the A7L-B and the A7L suit used on earlier Apollo missions like Apollo 11 is that the A7L had a zipper up the back of the suit, and suit fittings arranged in two rows of three on the front of the suit. The A7L-B had a zipper that wrapped from the back to the front of the suit, which made it easier to get into and out of, and suit fittings arranged horizontally across the suit chest area. Otherwise our Deluxe A7L and Deluxe A7L-B have the same suit accessories.

-A clear visor can be substituted for the gold reflective visor.

-A second clear visor and helmet ventilation fan can be added. (see accessories)

-We have upgraded Our NASA Replica Deluxe Space Suit by adding suit side wrist rings, suit diverter valve, and the red ball purge valve.

-Our spacesuit is detailed with suit pockets for a realistic presentation.

- An O-ring assembly connects the hose fittings to the space suit fittings.

-Both hose fittings and suit fittings are made of anodized aluminum, just like the real space suits.

-Suit comes with a red hard cast resin neck ring with a static latch assembly.

-Available in all sizes. (Simply send us your height and we will fabricate a suit to fit.) Suits are custom made so please allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication.

-We can place any mission patch on the suit from Apollo 11 through Apollo 17.

-We can also fabricate custom patches form your artwork. Custom patches start at $45.00 each.

Patches can be affixed to the suit and back pack with Velcro if desired. Price: $20.00/patch.

Free domestic shipping by FedEx.

International shipping by United States Postal Service Priority (Average ship time, not guaranteed, is 5-10 business days)

Customer is responsible for all international import fees and taxes.



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